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Wildflower Frenzy

The heatwaves of June brought out masses of flowers in the garden. While I tend to side with the foliage aficionados over the flower floozies, I can't help but admire the many wildflowers in the garden now. They embody the youth of this garden in their wild exuberance. Many of them are annuals, self-sowing wherever open space presents itself. In this way, they help to fill the gaps between the young trees and shrubs that will take years to begin establishing the character of the mature garden to be.

A young Holodiscus discolor blooms at the base of a Douglas fir near the north side of the deer fence. I purchased several seedlings this spring and planted them in other similar areas around garden edges. I also attempted some lazy propagation by taking hardwood cuttings this winter and sticking them directly in the ground in places I wanted them to grow, after treating with rooting hormone, of course. Most of them failed, but a few appear to be rooted and growing. Someday I hope they…

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